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Group therapy isn’t doing anything for me. Yesterday a few of the other people talked about their suicide attempt, that was a trigger for me. I had the urge to self harm but I didn’t.

Later that night I went and saw a friend’s band perform. I hadn’t been to a show like that in years. I felt young.

I’m going to be starting a second job soon. I can pay off all my bills and save up some money

please do this for me. there are only 3 days left to vote.

Can’t sleep.
Getting grumpy.
Been annoyed all day.
I have $4 in my bank account.
This is great

Saw Spring Breakers. Long story short it’s by the same guy that did Gummo and Trash Humpers so you know it’s shit

Some of the stuff you can get!

Some of the stuff you can get!