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please do this for me. there are only 3 days left to vote.

Can’t sleep.
Getting grumpy.
Been annoyed all day.
I have $4 in my bank account.
This is great

Saw Spring Breakers. Long story short it’s by the same guy that did Gummo and Trash Humpers so you know it’s shit

Some of the stuff you can get!

Some of the stuff you can get!

Twitter -___-

I went and unfollowed quite a few celebs. I’m pleased now. I was tired of seeing “buy my album” “buy the new issue of ____ because I’m on the cover” “buy things so I can get more money.

No how about I don’t buy any of your crap until you buy my book, in which I donate the money to charities even thou I could keep it to myself.

Yes I as a middle class American donate my money I make off my book to people that need it. Unlike these celebs that obviously are making $1000+ a day for simple shit such as singing their crappy autotuned songs or posing half naked on a magazine cover

I made $12.55 royalties on my book so far. I donated $10 of it to the Trevor Project.

My book is called Imagination Amore and you can get it on amazon and the barnes ans noble site, I’m donating the money I make off it.

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