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Tooth pains. I got a shard of sunflower seed stuck between my tooth and gum and it still hurts

I’m falling apart

My nose has been giving me problems for 2 weeks. I can’t breathe and everytime i blow my nose it bleeds. There is a sore in one side like deep in. And the other day i noticed a lump on my vagina lip. I can’t get an appointment til next month and it hurts

I have another cyst but this one hurts. I was wondering why it hurts and i realized its where the other one was :( it grew back

I’m almost out of my meds and i already learned what happens if i miss a few days, its not good :(
I don’t think it’s good to switch the doses either.

So i popped the blister.

My flight doesn’t leave till 8 it’s now 3. I’m tipsy,about to pass out and my foot hurts so bad

I’ve been up since 330ish. Which means I slept maybe 4 hours? I can’t get back to sleep my body is in so much pain :(