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So I have been having/almost having panic attacks, I am still on my meds but I dont think they are working as good. Maybe I should see if I can up the dose?

I am trying to save money to go on another vacation. Right now I am broke as frak I have like $100 total in the bank which isn’t good because bills and crap are coming.

I’m mad at myself because I don’t think I will be able to go to california in december. When I was in 7th grade I made a promise to myself that the day that the world is going to “end” I would be in california. Well first off I don’t have the money, 2nd i requested the wrong day. Apparently its the 21st and I requested off the 12th. Also in the request book it has from like the 19th and on blocked off so you have to get permission to have those days off which they are going to think that is a stupid reason to have the day off. :(

But we all know that the world is NOT going to end so I guess I can just start saving up for another vacation next year. I wanna to go NY and Vegas again. But I also want to go to Florida. I don’t know we will see, which ever is less money. I also wanna talk to my bestfriend about doing a 24 hour trip to Vegas. Just go out for like 24 hours, no hotel just amusement park rides and drinks and stuff. We will see.

But I am disapointed that I can’t even keep a promise to myself. I fail at everything.

Don’t Bully!

Lastnight I read about more teens killing themselves due to bullying. It got me to thinking…and I have come to the conclusion that it is the fault of the internet.

When I was a kid we didn’t have facebook, myspace, and all these social networking things. We had computers with fun games with crappy graphics (Oregon Trail!) we didn’t have all these high tech detailed videogames. If we wanted to play a game against someone we would do so by having friends come over and sitting there next to us in a bean bag chair and play on the same TV. Now adays you kids have got games where you can play against people in other states and even countries!

I could go on and on about this stuff but I’ll get to the point. When I was a kid there was bullying, aint gonna lie I was bullied. But the thing is that back then we were bullied in person. They would come up to us on the playground and say things to us, sometimes even physically assault us. (Luckly I was never bullied physically). They would bully us to our faces. TO OUR FACES!

Don’t get me wrong I like the internet I think its really awesome and a great thing but its just when people use it for the wrong that’s when I lose all respect for people. I have seen quite a bit of this on sites such as youtube where no matter what a video is about there is atleast one rude comment on it. Comments like “kill yourself” “fuck you, fat pig” and other things which I will not type because I refuse to use the 3 letter f word. Stuff like that makes me sick and it makes me wonder. When you go to the profiles of these people most of the time they don’t have videos up and their age is listed as being older than 20. It makes me think, are these actually kids and teens pretending to be older? If that’s the case then I think their parents did a horrible job of raising them if they are using this kind of talk and acting in that way. Then again if they are really the age they claim to be why are they acting so childish?

I think that bullies today are nothing but a bunch of pussies!I’m not saying that bullies back then were good I’m just saying that it seems most bullying today is done on the internet. The fact that most of the bullying is cyberbullying which means they are hiding behind their computers saying things that they wouldn’t say to the person’s face. What are parents doing to stop this from happening?!

I think that most of the time people bully is because they are either afraid of or jelous of the person they are bullying.

Now let me tell you this. Those of you who are in school and ‘hot’ and ‘popular’ and are bullying other students because they are fat or ugly or whatever think about this. I graduated high school in 2004 and after lurking facebook the past few years and finding people I went to highschool with I have noticed this; most of the people who were ‘popular’ and ‘hot’ are now either fat and have 2+ kids and living as a single parent or they are fat and are married to the kind of person they never would have even talked to in school. And as for the people that were ‘fat and ugly’ they are now a heck of a lot more attractive than the ‘hot and popular’ people.

But anyway if you are being bullied you need to tell a teacher or an adult of some sort before it gets out of hand. There is no need to bully people!

(I could go on about this but I think/hope I got my point across)

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